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Joline Pearce - Fantasy Romance
Radiant Horizons: A Fallen Realm Prequel
Radiant Horizons: A Fallen Realm Prequel

A journey through time. A destiny discovered.

Five thousand years before the events of the Fallen Realm trilogy, an infant girl is found in the forest near the Adriatic Sea. As she grows into a young woman, her beauty makes her a target – but it’s her magic that kings and gods alike covet.

Kyrie narrowly escapes becoming a child sacrifice with away with her on-and-off-again lover, Astra, but even her ferocious friend is no match for a king’s guard. When the young goddess is taken captive, a half-god prince abandons his kingdom to follow Kyrie as she searches for safety for her people.

Radiant Horizons is a steamy prequel novella about the founding of Auralia and the goddess who fell to earth. It can be read as a standalone.