Joline Pearce - Fantasy Romance
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Sweet Briar: A Dark Fantasy Romance Sleeping Beauty Retelling

Coming June 2024

“No one is born a monster. We choose what we become.”

When Prince Alister wakes me from a century of cursed slumber with a kiss, I’m told I have no choice but to become his queen. That’s how the story always goes. But my heart desires a man I can’t touch. The knight who was there in the shadows, watching me. Sir Killian Ironheart has pledged his loyalty to the prince, and while he doesn’t deny our unexpected spark, he insists I must marry Alister for the sake of the kingdom.

But I’ve lived this tale once before. This time, I choose a different ending. I want him: the hard-hearted knight whose kiss awakens me body and soul. No matter what it costs us.

This scorching forbidden romance is a Sleeping Beauty retelling intended for mature audiences. 

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Falling Princess
One chance to live. To love... or die trying.

Assassins murdered my mother; I know I’m next. All I want is a chance to live my life before it’s ruthlessly cut short.
A break from the pressure doesn’t seem like much to ask for, but with my country on the brink of invasion, living a normal life is an impossible dream.
One I’ll try to claim, despite the risk.
Which is why they’ve sent him to shadow me.
Forget meeting anyone outside my carefully curated social circle.
Never mind finding a boyfriend.
I’m stuck with Lorcan glued to my side.
I despise him for ruining my one chance to try life away from court.
But the night I escape his close watch, death finds me … and I begin to see my guard in a different light.
No one can ever know how much my feelings have changed…especially not Lorcan.
Until war comes for us all, and the truth comes out…

This the first book in a trilogy and it ends on a cliffhanger – the third book ends with a Happy Ever After.

Contains violence and mature themes. Start your Fallen Realm journey today!

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