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Joline Pearce - Fantasy Romance
Fallen Realm Box Set
Fallen Realm Box Set

Fast-paced, fun, angsty, and sexy, the Fallen Realm series is an angsty enemies-to-lovers contemporary fantasy series that will keep you turning the pages with nail-biting tension.

All Princess Zosia wants is a chance to experience normal life and find love away from the pressure of court. Getting an education abroad is the perfect opportunity – unless death catches up with her first.

Legends say that her island kingdom will thrive as long as the goddess’ descendant holds the throne. As the last of her line, Zosia is assigned a watchful knight to accompany her everywhere she goes. The young princess can’t stand his constant scrutiny…until an assassination attempt sparks their forbidden romance.

But a looming war will test the young lovers in every imaginable way as they fight for freedom – both with and against each other…

Set includes:

  • Radiant Horizons (prequel)
  • Falling Princess (Book 1)
  • Eternal Knight (Book 2)
  • Queen Rising (Book 3)
  • Crimson Throne (Book 4)

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This book includes the following books: Crimson Throne, Queen Rising, Eternal Knight, Falling Princess

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