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Joline Pearce - Fantasy Romance
New Fantasy Romance series! Enchanted Alliance Book 1
New Fantasy Romance series! Enchanted Alliance Book 1

Promised to a barbarian.

I made a vow when I was still too young to know what it meant to wed a human male.

A stranger.

An arranged marriage to a brutal conqueror’s heir was the only way I could save myself and my people. We needed the Bruins and their bear riders to fight against the cursed wargs that hunt my kind.

In return, the barbarian prince wants our help with quashing the rebel faction trying to overthrow his father’s reign.

Now he’s come to make good on our bargain. I have no choice but to honor a covenant I would rather break. Prince Kazimir is arrogant. Untamed.

Our wedding is a travesty. 

Our bed, a battleground.

His kingdom offers no sanctuary. I’m no safer here than I was at home. Except when I’m in his arms. Then, no harm can touch me.

But his broken castle is full of secrets. I’ll unravel them, one by one. Even if the truth costs Kaz his throne.

And me, my life.

The Enchanted Alliance is a dark fantasy romance trilogy with Rapunzel vibes for fans of Sarah J. Maas and K.F. Breene. Ends on a cliff. The full trilogy will be available in 2024. Contact Joline to be added to her announcement list for cover reveals, excerpts, and review opportunities. You will not be added to any mailing list without your consent.

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